Alfa Romeo MiTo tyres

Distinctive looks and stylish design have probably done more to make the MiTo popular than any other factor. It makes many supermini rivals, even the Mini and VW Polo, look positively sober in comparison. What else have we come to expect from Alfa Romeo?!

The exact engine specification of a particular MiTo and the style of driving it is used for are the two strongest influences on replacement tyre choice. The demands placed on tyres by a small-engined car around town differ hugely from those driven for higher mileages or for punchier performance.

The basic 1.4 litre petrol engine and 1.3 litre diesel engine versions of this car are best suited to an ‘all round’ compact car tyre. Michelin’s Energy Saver range fits the bill perfectly. It’s the best-seller with etyres customers for the MiTo. It’s an especially good choice if the car is used mainly for urban use and low mileages. Indeed, with the right tyre choice a diesel MiTo engine will return nearly 80mpg when driven with a light right foot.

Other options to consider are various Pirelli, Goodyear and Dunlop ranges. These three manufacturers are very much premium brands, with their tyres offering all the reassurances of long tyre life you’d expect. All three of them offer an economy-focused tyre which will complement low fuel consumption in everyday driving.

In contrast, many MiTo models with sportier engines were factory-fitted with Pirelli P Zero Nero and Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. Both complement the good looks, punchy handling and sharp braking performance of the car. Naturally these tyres have proved popular replacement choices for the MiTo with etyres. Continental PremiumContact tyres are another popular alternative for these MiTo models.

Drivers of the high-performance “hot hatch” Quadrifoglio Verde (‘Cloverleaf’) MiTo will definitely need a high-performance tyre. This will help them to get the very best cornering, roadholding and acceleration from their car. Although these tyres are more expensive than many other options, customer feedback is that they are worth it. etyres supplies and fits many of these, and we’d be happy to help you choose the right ones for your MiTo.