Alfa Romeo Giulietta tyres

In many ways Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta leaves its more run-of-the-mill rivals standing. When it comes to styling, ride comfort and cornering performance, it has the measure of the Ford Focus or Vauxhall Astra.

Original equipment tyres include the Continental Sport Contact and Bridgestone Potenza ranges. They complement the Giulietta’s sporty performance and driver comfort perfectly. Unsurprisingly these have proved popular replacement tyres for this car with etyres.

Pirelli‘s P7 and Cinturato tyres are also worth considering, with both selling very well for this model with etyres. Some Giulietta drivers have chosen budget replacement tyres from etyres. We supply a broad range of these and of course they will suit many drivers’ needs. Then again, Alfa Romeo ownership was always a decision made with the driver’s heart, not his wallet!

The high-performance version of the Giulietta is the Quadrifoglio Verde (‘Cloverleaf’). This model combines great acceleration with lots of torque. Therefore a tyre with a similarly high level of performance is most suitable for this car. It will bring out the best of what its engine can do. The Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta is very much a premium tyre. However, it’s one which has high levels of grip and sportiness and therefore makes a good match for the Quadrifoglio Verde.