Buy cheap tyres online

To buy cheap tyres online quickly and easily with etyres simply fill in the form on the left with your tyre size and click search. Not sure what your tyre size is? Use our quick reference diagram below the search box to find the code on your tyres. The letters and numbers on the sidewall of your tyres relate to the size, dimensions, composition and capabilityes. When buyng new tyres it is important to stick to the same specifications as those already fitted.

If you are still unsure you can check your cars handbook to see which tyre size and specification you should be using. As a rule, the majority of cars in the United Kingdom have summer tyres fitted as standard, however with the winters getting longer and if you are concerned about the safety aspects of driving on wet and icy roads read our guide on selecting winter tyres.

Run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres are becoming increasingly popular due to the safety and convenience of being able to travel another 50 miles to a safe location. The following markings will be visible if you currently have run-flat tyres on your vehicle: DSST, RFT, ROF and RunFL.

If you are looking to fit run-flat tyres to your vehicle make sure you do not mix run-flat and traditional tyres together as handling may be affected. etyres also advise that run-flat tyres are not fitted to vehicles without a tyre pressure monitoring system as drivers may be unaware when the tyre has a puncture or looses pressure.