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Etyres are the exclusive fitting partner for AlloyGator Rim Protectors. We operate a nationwide mobile fitting service, so we come to you at home or work to fit your AlloyGators to save you time taking the car somewhere. Either click here to order or call our sales team on 0800 028 9000.

AlloyGator is a revolutionary new alloy wheel protector system designed to prevent alloy wheels from expensive and unsightly kerb damage. The AlloyGator protects the outside of the alloy wheels and saves the need for expensive alloy wheel refurbishment. Etyres operate a mobile AlloyGator fitting service and can supply and fit your new AlloyGators at a location and time to suit you.

  • Beware of inferior versions. AlloyGator hold a UK patent
  • Locked to the wheel over 360° using highly robust technology
  • Does not use metal clips which can damage the wheel
  • Available in 8 colours, black (hardly discernable), silver (makes wheels look larger), red, blue, white, yellow, green even pink!
  • Universal size fitting all wheels up to and including 21″ wheels

AlloyGator also covers existing kerb damage save on alloywheel refurbishment.

Black AlloyGators fitted to a Mini Cooper. Hardly noticeable unless pointed out.